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Brian Syron as Sweet William in The Cakeman (1982).
If any one has any stories, experiences or information on Brian Syron and his involvement in theatre both in Australia and overseas please make comments on the post below. Check out the dawn article which will give you more information on where and where he was throughout his life.


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Brian was a remarkable man with an intensity and fizz that sometimes alienated white men. He became a friend during the short time that I knew him, first as publicist for indigenous Aborigine programmes on ABC-TV. Brian was producer of the series - a tentative step into mainstream TV. I was also there with the film crew the day white Australians celebrated the bicentenary and black Australians quietly came together after a peaceful march from all corners of Australia: One People Sing Freedom. Towards the end of Brian's life, after he sold his house at Coogee Bay to fund a communal property for Aborigines, I did a long interview with him. This had been commissioned as a profile on Brian by a 'new age' magazine but the result was spurned by its English editor - because of Brian's strong criticism over white men's behaviour towards women that was reflected in the story. A version of the story was later published in Unicorn Magazine. Brian said I was the only journalist who ever listened to him properly. I still have a tape of that interview. It remains a contentious one. Kind wishes, Vivienne DuBourdieu, MCIJ

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Hi Vivenne;

I am a cousin of Brian Syron and would love to hear a copy of the interview that you did with him. Is it possible to be able to get a copy and I am more than happy to pay expenses. My email is



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